Intelvision provides innovative gaming solutions for different industries and business goals—from fun games to serious training and simulator games for professionals. Our trusted software experts have the knowledge and skillset to create everything your game requires to make sure it has commercial success. We can both develop your video game project from scratch or revamp existing solutions with updates and integrations to stay in line with current gaming industry trends.

We’ve developed an outstanding platform for the gaming company, to help gamers across the world to find the most perfect game based on their preferences and previous experience using the most modern and cutting-edge technologies, mixed with innovative approaches.

Web Application
SaaS Development
12+ Months
Founded in 2018
1–10 in-house specialists

About the company

All of the modern social media or video platforms have the “Featured” or “Recommended” section. It is time to make the same with video games. An outstanding AI system collects and refines data, and provides the user with a super-tailored pool of games he or she will enjoy for the next few days, weeks, months, or even years.

Platform to help gamers select the game they may be interested in. The selection is carried out in the dialogue with the user and the game format.


Challenge & Pains


Data Refinery

Selecta needed a fully managed data platform with matching, cleansing, analytics, and reporting.


User Experience

One of the ideas of our client’s product was to implement a solution that would allow him to analyze the previous experience and preferences of users in order to offer the best games for them. Plus, it was important to make the game selection process exciting.


One Solution To Manage Everything

The client needed a single platform with many features instead of a large number of disparate programs.

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Budget: $100k+

Duration: 12+ months

Core team:
CTO, Project Manager, Business Analyst, 3 Full-stack developers, QA

Core services:
Custom Web Software Development, Outsource Software Development, Architecture, and Consulting

Sub-Industry: Platform Development

Selecta came up with an idea to create a virtual gaming concierge, which means there will be a lot of data. The real challenge was to store, refine, analyze this data, and provide the player with comprehensive and understandable results. It requires unsurpassed expertise and understanding of the industry.

Back-end: Node JS

Database: Postgre SQL

CI/CD: Azure DevOps

Cloud: Microsoft Azure Portal

Service line:

Software architecture design
Project planning
Product release

How we fixed the pains

AI Assistant Selecta

Our team has interacted with an AI team. Using AI technology helps our customer to do the job dozens of times faster than any other data processing method. Thousands of rows of information are collected, stored, refined, and analyzed to provide the gamer with the best solution right here and right now.


Gaming is not compatible with boredom. That’s why Selecta had no such opportunity to force the player to complete long response forms, polls, etc. So the only way to collect data less irritating was a gamified process, to make game selection much more pleasant than ever before.

All-in-one place

We have implemented a data aggregation feature, which allows the platform to collect information about game price across various marketplaces, genres, ratings across dozens of platforms, publishers, PEGI restrictions, and many other data pieces. What’s most important, all this data is structured, refined, and displayed to the final user in a very comprehensive manner.

Awards and Recognitions

Data Aggregation Feature

Allowing the platform to collect information about game prices across various marketplaces, genres, ratings across dozens of platforms, publisher, PEGI restrictions, and many other data pieces.


A ready-to-use platform development in very short terms with outstanding quality.

What our customer says

Intelvision brought in great value when we were trying to solve some difficult problems. Their quality of work is great, and they are doing an excellent job of operating in a niche market. We are fully satisfied

Yevgen L. Co-founder

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Why choose us?

Domain knowledge

Our experts dive deeply into every sphere where our clients operate or plan to launch a business. A proven track record in various niches expands every year.

 Reliability and trust

We believe that establishing a trusted partnership in business is the only way to success. At least it’s the way that we’ve chosen.

 Technological expertise

We are technology enthusiasts and work only with experts. Technical complexity is a challenge that we’re always accepting and tackling.

 Accuracy and devotion

Solving technological puzzles, looking for the most suitable technological implementation, and never compromising quality. That’s how we work.

 Rapport with clients

Building long-term relations with clients’ needs at the forefront is our primary goal. We listen to requirements and adjust to the client’s mindset.

 Rapid implementation

From agile to DevOps to continuous delivery, we use modern development approaches to work better, faster, and more transparently.

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